special events

Tom Gold Dance 10th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
7:30pm performance, The Kaye Playhouse
9:00pm dinner, Freds at Barneys

Tom Gold Dance celebrated a decade of bold and original dance, Wednesday, April 11, starting with a performance of Tom Gold’s CharmShanti, and Rapid Oxidation at The Kaye Playhouse, followed by a dinner celebration at Freds at Barneys New York. The event raised more than $115,000 for Tom Gold Dance programs during its tenth anniversary.


James Shee, Mary Elizabeth Sell, Marria Cossentino, Evelyn Kocak, Tom Gold, Stephanie Williams, Allynne Noelle, Shoshana Rosenfield. Photo: Thelma Garcia. Photo: Thelma Garcia


Elyse Newhouse, Fe Fendi, Tom Gold, Gillian Miniter. Photo: Thelma Garcia